We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions all in one place. If you have any further questions, please fill in our Business query form here or ask us directly through our live chat.

Not yet a member? Join us today!2018-12-10T11:57:03+00:00

Becoming a member of the B&CCC has great advantages! We have different types of membership with different prices and benefits. If you would like to learn more about this and sign up today, please visit our Membership page.

Can I attend your events if I am not a member?2018-12-10T12:01:28+00:00

Most of our events are included in our membership or heavily discounted. From time to time we offer access to non-members at a premium cost. Please visit our Events Section for a comprehensive list of events.

We will always recommend that companies become members of the chamber as it is a more cost-effective way to support your business efforts. This will not only give you access to support, but also assist you through creating a useful network of business and government contacts.

I need support with my dissertation. Can you help me?2018-12-10T13:28:30+00:00

The chamber offers assistance to students looking to support their dissertation with commercial information and contacts through our Chamber Minds programme. Please note that the chamber must receive a research project proposal in order to confirm that the goals of your research align with the chamber’s objectives.

I am looking for job opportunities2018-12-02T15:15:34+00:00

The chamber, through its Chamber Match service, offer companies the opportunity to access candidates with an expertise and knowledge in Latin America. Members get this service as part of their membership.  The chamber also offer volunteering opportunities. Please click here for more information.

If I become a member, what other benefits will I be receiving?2018-11-06T13:39:30+00:00

When becoming a member of the British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce, you will be given access to a high and strong working network that facilitates trade and investment opportunities, high-profile meetings, top and regular information distribution (publications, newsletter, business guide), legal and economic reports. We are also keen on empowering our members when outlining their agendas when visiting the UK and Colombia by doing market research, mapping tenders and bids, and holding meetings with governmental organisations.

How much does the membership cost?2018-12-02T15:08:13+00:00

The B&CCC offers four different types of memberships depending on the size of the company; the following table outlines prices and types of memberships:

Type                                                                              Length                                                   Price* 
Emerald (Patron)                                                       Annual Membership                              £3,900 + VAT

Gold (Standard –recommended )                          Annual Membership                              £1,070 + VAT

Silver (Limited service and only available           Annual Membership                              £270 + VAT
for startups, less than 10 employees and
less than 500k annual turnover)

In order to activate your membership you need to complete the Online Application Form available here.

If I become member, can I access your services for free?2018-12-02T15:06:20+00:00

Members in the Emerald Category enjoy unlimited chamber support throughout the year. Many of our services are included in the membership package or significantly discounted. Please visit our membership section for more information

Do you charge for your services, if so how much?2018-11-06T13:32:08+00:00

The chamber is a not-for-profit organisation but charges for services to cover operational costs. In the majority of cases, costs are below market rates or heavily subsidised. Contact us for more information.

Do you have information on specific opportunities and tenders that I can access?2018-11-06T13:22:23+00:00

The chamber’s  Opportunities section publishes the latest commercial opportunities in Colombia and Latin America. Please check our Opportunities section and become a member to receive email notifications directly to your inbox. Note that exclusive investment opportunities are advertised directly to our members.

I need a database of contacts2018-11-06T16:04:24+00:00

The chamber follows strict guidelines in terms of Data Protection ( GDPR). The chamber can provide qualified introductions at a cost. Charges vary from GBP£250 to GBP £1,000. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Can you help me outlining a marketing strategy in Colombia or in the UK?2018-11-06T16:03:10+00:00

The chamber is experienced in boosting marketing interests by providing market research services, identification of distributors, agents, and company representatives; translation and interpretation services, mail distribution, and organisation of business agenda with key actors. Please contact us so we can design an accurate plan according to your business interests.

I am looking to finance a business idea or searching for funds for my project (sponsorship, start-up funding, etc)2018-11-06T16:01:21+00:00

The chamber has access to companies and individuals offering finance or project investment as well as sponsorship.  Please note that you will need to have a sound investment proposition and business plan in order to be considered for funding. If you are interested in this service, please contact us through the business query here. Please include your investment proposal, business plan and ROI for participating companies.

I want to create a company in the UK and/or in Colombia2018-11-06T15:57:24+00:00

The B&CCC Soft landing services can help you create a company in the UK and/ or Colombia in the most cost-effective way possible, including virtual offices, physical presence, representation offices, etc. Please contact us for detailed information.

I wish to sell my products or services to the UK ( Experienced /new)2018-11-06T15:55:26+00:00

We are able to support you if required. We work closely with Trade Promotion agencies to facilitate these services. Please contact us for detailed information on our Market Entry Services (experienced exporters). If you are a new exporter /importer, you may be able to find general information in our Read, Watch & Listen section.

I wish to sell my products or services to Colombia & Latin America ( Experienced /New)2018-11-06T15:53:09+00:00

The British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce provides the support you need for exporting or importing activities through our Market Entry Services (experienced exporters) or Guided Support Services (new exporters). Please contact us and visit our Read, Watch & Listen section for general information and guidance.

Can I access your membership directory ?2018-11-06T15:46:56+00:00

Yes, please access the membership directory here. Please note that we can only offer introduction services to members of the chamber. Click here for membership information and benefits.

I am looking for professional and expert advice on Colombia & Latin America. (tax, legal, shipping, labour issues, due diligence, etc)2018-11-06T15:48:50+00:00

The chamber in collaboration with its partners and members, offers referrals to companies with expert knowledge. Please indicate the type of contact and expertise you are looking for so that we are able to guide you properly. Please use our business query to contact us here.

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