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Ecopetrol Awarded Patent in Colombia for Crude-Related Technology Innovation
Oct 12, 2017

Summary:  Ecopetrol S.A. has been granted a patent by the Colombia’s industrial regulator for a new technology that, according to the state-controlled oil company, represents an “oxidation system and process for the simulation of in-situ combustion” of heavy crude.

Source: Finance Colombia

Date: October 11, 2017




The system and method were developed by researchers of the Colombian Institute of Petroleum (ICP) to simulate the emulsions that can be registered in the process of combustion in-situ, or air injection, that are used to improve the displacement of heavy crude oil to the producing wells.

The control of the emulsions generated in the process is, according to the Bogotá-based company, “vital for the commercial success of the application of the technology” to increase the thermal recovery factor in fields with this type of crude.

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