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Colombia: Refrigerated containers are key for the export of fruit
Jan 11, 2018







The Port Society of Buenaventura (SPB) doesn't stop by day or night, it works 24 hours to mobilize 43.6 percent of Colombia's cargo. More than 315 million dollars have been invested in the port in recent years, which have allowed it to move one million TEU (20 foot containers) in 2017 and rank as one of the 10 most important ports in Latin America.
The cargo is loaded in different colored TEUs. The SPB, however is interested in white containers, which are refrigerated containers that allow the transport of dairy products, meats, chocolates, medicines, wines, fruits, and perishable products.
According to the manager of the SPB, Victor Julio González, more than 6,000 containers of this type pass through this port each month, which opens new routes for the export of Colombian products, such as honey pineapple and hass avocado to North America, Asia, and Europe.

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