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Language Schools, Translation services and interpreters

Being able to communicate whilst traveling abroad is essential, particularly if you are looking to do business in the country you are visiting. The Chamber is well aware of this crucial necessity so whether you want to take an intensive language course before you travel or if you prefer to have someone with you at all times being your personal interpreter; the B&CCC can arrange this for you. All at the best available rates in the market.

The level of English that average Colombians speak is very basic. Hence, Spanish is the preferred language in most business meetings and therefore, having access to a network of language specialist through the B&CCC's Business Traveller Guide is not only very helpful, it is a necessity. The B&CCC is currently working in association with WR Linguistics & Succeed in Languages (Both are Silver Members of the chamber) to offer all of our member community the best alternatives to satisfy any language requirement. Among its services, Succeed in languages offers single or group courses starting at £405 per course. These are custom made to fit your necessities. They can provide lecturing in your office at flexible times to adapt to your business schedules. On the other hand, if you prefer a more complete experience, WR Linguistics can provide you with intensive courses in Colombia starting at £175 p/w, guaranteeing a full cultural and language immersion. Please contact the B&CCC for further details.
Additionally, through our extent network of contacts, we can help you arrange consecutive or simultaneous translations for conferences or meetings and official document translation. Please do not hesitate to contact so we can help you meet all your language needs.

Most Common Used Phrases:
1.    Hello – Hola
2.    Good morning – Buenos dias
3.    Good afternoon – Buenas tardes
4.    Good evening – Buenas noches
5.    Good night – Buenas noches
6.    How are you? – Como esta?
7.    Very well thank you – Muy bien, gracias
8.    What’s your name? – Como se llama usted?
9.    My name is… - Me llamo…
10.  Could you please write it down? – Puede escribirlo por favor?
11.  How much is this? -  Cuanto cuesta esto?
12.  Can I have the bill, please – Por favor me trae la cuenta
13.  Goodbye – adios

Common Phrases


Business Phrases
http://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/phrases/spanish/data/business-meeting.html Other Phrases - http://www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/phrases/spanish/data/phrase_finder.html

Spanish Classes
http://www.britishandcolombianchamber.com/index.php?section=129&lang=en (Link to the Spanish Classes section of the Webpage)

Translations & Interpreters

More Useful Phrases

For Language Services in UK, please click here.

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