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B&CCC corporate members who have vacancies at their companies and are looking for potential candidates will be able to choose from our directory of professionals. In addition, young professionals and executives will be able to submit their CVs for advertised vacancies. Candidates will be contacted if positions become available.(1)

The British and Colombian Chamber is in the privileged position to link Latin American professionals who have the relevant expertise with British companies, in turn assisting in both the recruitment process and job search.


If you are interested in this service:

  • For candidates, please send your CV
  • For companies, please send us the job specification to info@britishandcolombianchamber.com


This programme aims to develop a network of knowledge around topics that may benefit the business interaction between the countries. By supporting students preparing for their Thesis/Dissertation project on topics related to business, economic, marketing, international business. The Chamber will provide the student with available resources that they may need depending on their research topic.(2)

To apply to this programme you must: 

  1. Be a current student in an accredited university (3)
  2. Be working on an investigation that is required by the university to obtain the degree you are pursuing.
  3. Focus on topics that benefit the development of business relations between Colombia and the UK.
  4. Fill out an application form and questionnaire.
  5. Attach your dissertation proposal.
  6. Fill out the written agreement with the Chamber.
  7. Submit your CV.

The programme will offer: 

  1. Assistance with the available resources needed to complete or develop the investigation.
  2. If specific knowledge is required and held by a team member of the Chamber, direct assistance and meetings can be arranged.
  3. Should your dissertation receive distinction by the awarding body, you will be entitled to publish an article in our leading publication “The Colombian Correspondent”. The Colombian Correspondent is distributed every month to senior decision makers and members of the Chamber.
  4. If your document is published the Chamber will keep your CV for future applications with the Chamber and refer the candidate to other companies that may be interested in your work or expertise.


(1) The B&CCC offers a platform, not a head-hunter service. It is an additional service and benefit for B&CCC corporate members and a contribution to companies and candidates who currently seek affordable and reliable options for finding suitable candidates/jobs.

(2) The Chamber reserves the right of admission to the Chamber Minds programme based on the proposal submitted and its relevance to our work.

(3) In case your status in the country or university change, please let us know.  The Chamber will reserve the right to cancel any agreement with the person if it is not informed of relevant changes in the current status.





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