H. E. MR. ALVARO URIBE VÉLEZ – Former President of Colombia

“For the English, the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish and for Colombians, the British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce in London is an important instrument of integration.  The work they have done over the last ten years is to be commended.  In the name of all Colombians, I would like to express our immense gratitude for the constant work in the creation of the ties of unity that exist today between our two countries.”


DR. KIM HOWELLS – Former Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

“I am sure that the work of the British-Colombian Chamber of Commerce is contributing to Colombia’s prosperity, and it will continue to receive my Government’s full support.”



“SABMiller remains strongly committed to Colombia and its development. Through Bavaria, in fact, we are part of the country’s fabric: we feel Colombian. On this basis, we have no hesitation in encouraging other multinationals to investigate the country’s investment potential.”


SIR IAN WOOD CBE  Former Chairman of Wood Group+

“We have also seen an extension of Colombia’s vitality and eager intent to facilitate business development, here in the UK.  I should like to add my congratulations to the B&CCC for providing ten years of energetic support to improving trade between Colombia and the United Kingdom. The variety of events arranged to increase the British understanding of Colombia as a place to invest and conduct business has been remarkable.”



“So we are delighted to share in the ten year anniversary of the British Colombian Chamber of Commerce and the important work they do in presenting the country’s investment credentials and helping to re-shape Colombia’s international image. There is still much to be done and we look forward to continuing to support the Chamber and play our part in Colombia’s success.”


MICHAEL BURTON – Director Cambridge Mineral Resources

“The assistance of the B&CCC has been invaluable to Cambridge and has saved us a great deal of time and expense in establishing and running our business in Colombia on a cost-effective basis, which as a public company in the UK, with a large number of shareholders, was our priority. With its political stability, economic growth and ongoing fiscal reforms, we confidently expect other mining companies to follow our path into Colombia.”


H.E. HAYDON WARREN-GASH – Former British Ambassador in Colombia

“My first reflection is one of surprise that the Chamber is so young.  It has a reputation as being one of the most efficient and active of all the London chambers.  It lays on an impressive range of activities.  It has all the gravitas and authority, in short, of a much older institution.  I offer my congratulations to all those who have worked so hard over these ten years to ensure that the Chamber has become so well established.”


SIR KEITH MORRIS CBE KMG – B&CCC Director and Founder

“The strong support that the chamber received from both public and private sectors in Colombia and Britain was in part a reaction to the sanctions the US administration had misguidedly imposed on Colombia in 1996 for an alleged lack of commitment on counter-narcotics. These weakened the Colombian state and deterred investors. The chamber provided an excellent platform in London for Colombian ministers to give their side of the story.”

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